Introducing Iron Road Heathcare

September 16, 2019 — Tamara Castellano

In 1870, Union Pacific and other railroad companies recognized a need to treat sick and injured employees. From that need, railroad hospital associations were born. These associations flourished as the “iron road” crisscrossed the United States. At their peak, 35 different hospital associations served nearly 550,000 railroad employees with more than 3,700 hospital beds. These hospital associations were the forerunner of today’s health insurance plans. 

In 1947, the hospital associations separated from the railroads and became independent entities dedicated to providing coverage and healthcare for railroad employees.

The last 149 years have brought significant advancements in medicine and healthcare and have set the stage for today’s modern health plan. Union Pacific Railroad Employees Health Systems (UPREHS) or UP Health has been there every step of the way. 

The face of UP Health has evolved, but our commitment to you remains constant. Today, we are one of only five remaining hospital associations. We recognize the need to grow and change with the times and the industry so we can continue to provide you with health insurance coverage for the next 149 years.

With an eye on the future, we are excited to announce the face of UP Health will evolve once again in November with a new company name and logo.  We hope our new brand will honor the long history and contribution railroaders have made—and continue to make—since 1870.

Our nation has long depended on the railroads, and those who work them. It’s how we connected this great country from one end to the other — moving goods, materials, and our economy forward. Those who came before you paved the way, and you keep the tradition alive. They had a steadfast health partner, and you do too.

Introducing a new name for an old tradition — Iron Road Healthcare.

Written by

Tamara Castellano

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