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It is never too late to make a change

May 26, 2020 — Tamara Castellano

Just over three months ago, an email from the MH team popped into my inbox, titled: “Are you a man? Do you want to change your life?” My initial thought was, “Yes, I am, and no, I don’t.” I have a wonderful wife, two beautiful kids with another on the way, plus a crippling mortgage. I was living the dream.

It’s just that, as I neared my mid-forties, the day-to-day reality of that life was less dream and more drudgery. As the treadmill of a busy life runs on, you come to the realization that your best days are probably behind you.

Whenever I played rugby for my old-boys team, I’d notice I was a little bit slower than the time before, a little bit more prone to injury. My two girls are bundles of energy, but my own energy levels were being sapped at a rapid rate. I worried that number three might finish me off for good. So, I replied to that email and told the truth – my fitnessmy health and my sense of self all needed serious work. Yes, I did want to change my life. What’s more, I was ready to put in the hard graft. READ MORE

This article is from Men’s Health magazine.

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