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September is YOUR month Guys!

September 13, 2023 — Jill Lanagan

 Prostate Cancer awareness month is a nationally recognized as a time to raise awareness about prostate cancer and generate support for those affected by it . We talked about some of the signs to look for and some ways to help promote prostate health in our previous blog. In this one we would like to mention a few ways you can get involved in helping spread the word in your own families and community. There are many events you can pick from in order to do this. Check your local hospital for free prostate screening,  scan your community center and the internet to find ways to join the fight, get informed, donate to research and help save lives!

Here are several suggestions to help get you started!

  • Post hashtags on social media by adding one to your media posts Some popular ones are #PCSM, #PSMA, # menshealth
  • Run a race to fund cancer research – races are nationwide to help raise money -to get involved consider signing up for a local 5K or 10K geared towards prostate awareness or research
  • Spread awareness in your workplace- share our blogs or get a free copy of “things every man should know” from the Prostate Cancer Foundation
  • Attend events such as dinner fundraisers and charity games
  • If you have the financial means to do so consider a donation that are used to fund research, clinical trials, and new treatments
  • Last, but certainly not least, GET YOUR PROSTATE CANCER SCREENING If you are already dealing with PC,  take  time for yourself selfcare is important!            

Ladies, remember that you can play a key role in helping your men in raising their awareness. Ask him if he has discussed risk with his Dr. and encourage him to get that exam! Find a quiet time to see if he remembers any health history of previous generations and relatives. Know the warning signs yourself and review ways to reduce risk that you could do together.  

 We here, at IRONROAD HEALTHCARE, hope that we have helped heighten your awareness of the importance of early detection and health screenings for Prostate Cancer. We are happy to answer any of your questions regarding your benefits for Prostate Cancer coverage and wish you continued good health!                                                        

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