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Spring has sprung, the grass is rizz, wonder where the birdies is?

April 9, 2024 — Jill Lanagan
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As we lean into warmer weather, with blue skies and flowers beginning to spring up, this call of nature beckons us to join in and get outside! Gardening and cycling, long walks and picnics with the kids, camping and cookouts all become foremost in our minds. The desire to get out there and be a part of it all is hard to resist, but for some it’s a lot easier said than done!

Many of us have aching knees, sore backs, pelvic pain and trouble breathing just to name a few things that prevent us from joining in at all, let alone with gusto! But fear not Ironroad healthcare is here to help! Our partners, Hinge Health, offer a wide variety of ways to help strengthen your body and reduce your aches and pains. As they like to say

“No matter where you have pain, we’ve got you covered”

 Heads, shoulders, knees and toes and everything in between can be helped with their clinically proven results.

 “Hinge Health helps members relieve their back and joint pain, improve their mental wellbeing, and reduce their interest in surgery. They are clinically tested and proven to deliver strong results! They show a 68% decrease in pain, 58% decline in anxiety and depression, and a 67% decrease in intent to pursue surgery.”

Check out their website at

This IronRoad benefit is for all non medicare members 18 yrs or older. Join now and get out there and enjoy all the warm weather and fun that is waiting for you!  

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Jill Lanagan

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