What is health coaching? A Q&A with TrestleTree

May 21, 2019 — Tamara Castellano
Health coaching with TrestleTree

As part of our MyHealthTeam program, non-Medicare UPREHS members may have access to complementary health coaching with TrestleTree. 

To learn more about what a health coach does, and how they can help members, we sat down with Adam Parisi, Vice President, of TrestleTree.

Q:  When did TrestleTree start?

A:    TrestleTree was founded in 2000 and began providing services to its first client in 2001. 

Q:    What kind of training do most of the health coaches have?

A:    Our health coaches have a diverse background; some are registered nurses, registered dietitians, or certified diabetes educator.  Most of them have an average of 15 years of healthcare experience. We also match the needs of a member entering into our coaching program with the expertise and background of our coach.

TrestleTree has a proprietary training program that every health coach goes through.  The program—which was designed around research-based behavioral change strategy—is led by a doctor of psychology.  Our health coaches go through an initial rigorous 200-hour program and are required to participate in on-going training to improve their skills.

Q:    Will you coordinate with my healthcare professional to be sure everyone has the same information?

A:    TrestleTree health coaches do not typically interact directly with healthcare providers.  However, in the initial evaluation, your coach will discuss any specific instructions or recommendations you’ve received from your healthcare provider and will work with you to make sure your health and wellness goals are met.

Q:    What does a health coach do?

A:    A health coach works with you to create a customized plan to help you reach your health- and wellness-related goals. That can include teaching you how to manage a chronic condition better or helping learn better eating habits. Your coach is there to help you change behaviors that will lead to lasting lifestyle changes.

Q:    How often do I talk to my coach?

A:    For UP Health, members will talk to their coach via phone.  The frequency will depend on your individual needs. At the start of your journey, you’ll likely speak to your coach every few weeks.  As you progress, that may drop down to a monthly call.  Coaching appointments can range from 30 minutes to one hour. 

Q:    What kinds of things can a health coach help me with?

A:    Our health coaches are here to help you better manage chronic conditions—like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.—and to teach you how to live a healthier lifestyle. 

Q:    Is health coaching confidential?

A:    Yes, health coaching with TrestleTree is completely confidential.  HIPAA prohibits us from disclosing any information you share with your coach to anyone without your express, written permission.

To see if you’re eligible for health coaching with TrestleTree, or to learn more, complete this short questionnaire and one of our nurse care coordinators will contact you with more information.

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