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New Year, New Cards

December 29, 2022 — Jane Garner

Iron Road Healthcare members will be receiving new cards for the upcoming year! When you receive your new card, be sure to keep it somewhere it won’t get lost, so you will always have it available to you for when you need to go to the doctor. If by chance you do lose it, you can order a replacement card from the website or contact IRHC’s customer service department.

Sometimes it can be confusing to understand the information on your card, so we wanted to explain it more in-depth. On the front of your card, it will have your name, member ID #, plan code, copay information, and prescription drug information, for when you are filling something at your local pharmacy. Next to that information, it will give the copay information for specific copays that are required for different visits.

On the back of your card, it will give important phone numbers that you and your healthcare provider may need. If you have questions concerning your card or how to read it properly, our customer service department is available Monday-Friday, 7:30-3:30 MST to assist you.

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Jane Garner

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