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Pain and Your Brain

May 9, 2022 — Hinge Health

If you experience ongoing pain and discomfort you probably know your emotions often feel just as intense. Dealing with long-term pain can fuel depression and anxiety, which can make your pain feel even worse.

But you can change your relationship with pain. One important step is understanding that your physical and mental health go hand in hand. Another is using effective strategies to help you reframe your thoughts. Here’s a helpful article from Hinge Health, our digital exercise therapy benefit, on effective strategies to do just that.

Knowing that your physical and mental health often go hand in hand is an important step to changing your experience with back and other joint pain. And getting the right care is important and available to you.

If you haven’t already, sign up for Hinge Health at And, join more than 300,000 participants who, on average, cut their pain by 68% and decreased symptoms of depression and anxiety by more than half.*

Hinge Health’s programs offer a “whole body” approach to keeping your joints healthy and pain free. Their programs offer:

  • Guided physical therapy to reduce your pain and help you feel better
  • Customized exercises tailored to you – that you can do anywhere, anytime
  • 1-on-1 health coaching for support and encouragement
  • Educational resources to help change how you think about pain

Hinge Health is available to non-Medicare members 18+ enrolled in an Iron Road medical plan – at no cost. 

Questions? Email:  Phone: (855) 902-2777.

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