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Your Member ID Card Explained

September 6, 2018 — Tamara Castellano

Ever wonder what all the information means on your health insurance card?  What phone number do you call? Why is there a BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS) logo? Who is OptumRx?  We’ve got a complete explanation of what it all means.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Member ID cards referred to in this article are samples only.  For specific information about your copayments or other information, please refer to your own Member ID card.

Front of your card

Image One

Image One

The phone numbers listed under the UPREHS logo (for Member Services, Complete Sleep and Provider Locator) are all resources for you.  Should you ever have questions about your benefits, a claim or anything else related to your health insurance, you should always call the UPREHS Member Services line.

To find a provider in your area, you can visit our website ( or you can call the Provider Locator number on your ID card. 

If you participate in our Complete Sleep Program—or are interested in learning more about it—you should call the number on your Member ID.

Back of your card

Image Five

Image Five

The back of your UPREHS Member ID card deals with your pharmacy benefits.  As you probably know, non-Medicare UPREHS members are required to use Depot Drug for any maintenance prescriptions (drugs you take on an on-going basis).  The only exception to this is if you live in a state where Depot Drug isn’t able to ship.  You can order new prescriptions and refills from Depot Drug online ( or via phone using the number on the back of your card under the Depot Drug logo.  The Depot Drug E-Prescribe number is for your provider to use when sending your prescriptions electronically.

Stay tuned for an article explaining the information on Medicare and Part D cards.

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